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Samcor Fuel & Tobacco

Samish’s economic development entity, Samcor, is developing a six-pump gas station and convenience store (Samcor Fuel & Tobacco) on Samish trust land near the intersection of SR20 and Almida Vista Place.


Samish requires compliance with current International Building Code and the Washington State Department of Ecology’s 2014 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington. Stormwater will be managed on the site with a modular wetland and detention pond.


Samcor performed an Environmental Assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act for the project, which yielded a Finding of No-Significant Environmental Impact.


Lighting will be full cut-off and International Dark-Sky Association approved. A street-level monument sign will provide direction into the site.


Samish is working with WSDOT to improve access from SR20 at Almida Vista. Samish is also funding design of a roundabout on SR20 at Campbell Lake Road.

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