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Board of Directors

The Samish Tribal Council appoints the Directors of the Samcor Board for a 3-year term, on a staggered basis. The Board consists of five Directors and includes Samcor’s Corporate Executive Officer (CEO), who also serves as the President of the Board. No more than two Samish Tribal Council members may serve at one time on the Samcor Board of Directors and no person currently on the Tribal Council may serve as the President. The Samcor Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of Samcor for the benefit of the Samish Indian Nation and its enrolled members.

Cameron Goodwin 

President & CEO 


Cameron Goodwin is an enrolled member of the Squaxin Island Tribe. He is the former GM of Skookum Creek Tobacco and held the positions of both CFO and CEO at Squaxin's Little Creek Casino Resort.  Cameron has a Master’s of Science in Finance with focus on economic development and corporate finance.

“I am excited to bring my background in gaming, manufacturing and general tribal economic development to Samcor to help them build upon their strong foundations.”

Michael Sherwood



Bio - coming soon. 

“Quote - Coming Soon.”

Janet Castilleja 


Janet SAMCOR picture.JPG

Janet’s Samish name is Co-laht-su-sah and she currently resides in Anacortes. Prior to her appointment to the Samcor Board, she previously served on the Tribal Council for six years as a Council Member and briefly as Vice-Chair.  Janet has been actively involved with the Tribe for most of her adult life.  Recently, Janet retired after teaching for forty years and moved to Anacortes with her husband Abel. In her retirement, she is serving on the Education, Budget and Language committees, and attends almost every Tribal Council meeting.  Not only does Janet serve in these capacities, but she also has a lot of fun going to Language lunch and Language potluck dinners and some of the Samish elders’ activities.

“I believe that economic diversification and jobs for Samish tribal members will help bring Samish tribal members back home, and determine the future of the Tribe.”

Tim King

Board Member

Tim SAMCOR picture.JPG

Tim was born and raised in Yakima, WA. As a young man, Tim served in the US Marine Corps. He graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Business Administration and then from the University of Washington with a degree in Landscape Architecture. One of Tim’s greatest accomplishments is his marriage of 45 years, his son and his 3 grandchildren. He is the self-employed owner of Land2c Landscape Architecture and has served on the Samish Indian Nation Council on three separate occasions starting in the early 1980’s.  Currently, Tim is the Tribal Council Vice Chairman.

“Through economic development we can honor our ancestors by providing quality services to their descendants.”

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